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Energy is the most significant driver of economic development and growth. As the biggest indicator of this fact, despite today’s global crises, the number of energy investments continues to increase. As Duranay, we provide services with our expert team in all matters related to the energy sector with an approach that puts the energy sector at the centre.

We closely monitor the regulations in the energy sector, the implementation of these regulations and the problems arising from the implementation with our expert team. We inform our clients in advance about the potential legislative changes which happen as a result of the rapid development and change of trends and technologies in the energy sector. We also prepare them against the possible risks of these changes. Following the legislative developments, we implement necessary compliance procedures for our clients and ensure that their activities are in compliance with the legislation.

We closely monitor investment trends with our team that is well-versed in the energy sector legislation of Turkiye and thanks to our international network with the same competence, we are also aware of the general outlook abroad. We regularly report investment opportunities to our clients and we guide them throughout the entire process in the project development of an energy investment. Our services regarding the investment and project development phase include company establishment, pre-license and license stages related to the legal infrastructure of the investment, financial modelling and financing processes, feasibility studies and coordination of all issues that consitute the project.

We provide services regarding mergers and acquisitions of companies in the energy sector, as well as the transfer of assets of energy companies. With our team experienced in both domestic and international merger and acquisition transactions, we determine cross-border transaction strategies, carry out corporate structuring, business valuation, financial modelling, due diligence examinations, prepare reports and conduct comprehensive compliance processes on all matters related to the company in the transition process.

The increase in energy investments has also boosted the interest of investors in project finance. We advise our clients who need funds for their projects on various issues including feasibility studies and financial modelling and inform them about traditional and alternative financing methods. We provide consultancy services at every stage of project finance and prepare the required documents. In addition, we protect and add value to our clients’ investments by providing solutions to legal problems that may arise during the financing and operation period of the project.

We provide services in resolving any kind of dispute that may arise among all stakeholders in the energy sector through courts, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution methods. Understanding market dynamics in resolving disputes in the energy sector, being well-versed in the legal regulations specific to the energy sector, and working with experts in the energy disputes are essential qualifications. As Duranay, we have extensive experience and expertise in resolving disputes in all sub-markets of the energy sector such as electricity, oil, and natural gas.

Expropriation in the energy sector refers to the process of the government taking over the land necessary for energy projects for the benefit of the overall public. Expropriation is carried out in accordance with relevant legislation and affected property owners are compensated with a certain amount of payment. As Duranay, we provide consultancy services to our clients regarding the expropriation process and advocacy services during court proceedings for disputes arising from expropriation claims. In this context, we assist our clients, such as, with the preparations for expropriation cases, asserting claims regarding compensation that are considered to be incorrectly calculated and advocacy before the court.

  • We know that effective management of contracts is crucial for the success of the project and sustainable relations between the parties. With regard to the energy sector, we manage the contract lifecycle on behalf of our clients during the planning, development, implementation and completion phases of the project and ensure that the obligations of the contract are fulfilled. As Duranay, we provide contract drafting and negotiation services, assist our clients with the implementation of contract provisions, legal proceedings in case of breach of contract and other contract management processes of sector-specific contracts such as supply, construction and power purchase agreements between the parties. We also conduct negotiations in case of a dispute arising out of a contract, conduct risk analyses and monitor the fulfilment of contractual provisions to protect the rights of our clients, if necessary.

Energy projects, which involve complex investment processes, include many risks in the short, medium and long term. Investors face many of these risks in both the investment and operation stages. As Duranay, we are aware of these risks that our clients may face and provide them with regular expert advice on their day-to-day operations. In addition, we also provide expert opinions on a case-by-case basis during the pre-dispute, dispute resolution or before making any strategic decision. In expert opinion, our experts, who are qualified to make interdisciplinary evaluations according to the nature of the subject, bring tailormade solutions to your problems.