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Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

As Duranay, we have extensive knowledge and experience in resolving high-profile and complex disputes that require sectoral awareness, through courts, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. With this knowledge and experience, we assist our clients with resolving their existing disputes in the most effective way and with eliminating potential dispute risks.

We take all necessary precautions to ensure that our clients are not exposed to any violation of rights or any situation that make it difficult or impossible for them to obtain their rights. We have the most experienced experts in the field of interim relief and, if necessary, we work with the most qualified experts in other jurisdictions.

Our dispute resolution team specialized in the management of large-scale risks draws the strategic roadmap for the efficient resolution of the dispute, monitors the risks and, if necessary, provides practical solutions for the sake of the proceedings. We also collaborate with third-party funders that we are in contact with to fund your promising disputes.

As a law firm that focuses on domestic and international commercial arbitration, we have been involved in the resolution of many unique and large-scale disputes. We also provide comprehensive legal consultancy and advocacy services in the settlement of disputes before state courts both in Turkey and abroad, either ourselves or with our solution partners in the relevant country.

Our services offered in this practice area can be summarized under the following headings, including but not limited to:

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