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About Us

Duranay is an Istanbul-based legal service provider where experience is processed and transformed into unique value-added services.

In addition, it offers services integrated with law with its expert consultants on issues related to all areas of business life. It provides services to individuals, legal entities, institutions and organisations that shape the local and global economy and operate in various sectors. Duranay simplifies the legal processes that clients see as complex and transforms legal challenges into opportunities and value.

Our Purpose

Duranay aims to address all legal issues with an interdisciplinary, analytical, and solution-oriented perspective by taking into account the dynamics of the commercial relationship, rather than a purely one-way legal perspective. In doing so, it considers the current and future needs of its clients not only in Turkiye but also in the world and aims to produce services in accordance with these needs and to provide the services produced in the required quality and on time. Duranay provides a service that does not overwhelm its clients with unnecessary legal details and supports them with the necessary guidance and up-to-date data at the decision stages. In this way, it maximises all kinds of resource savings for all parties and reaches a more effective and beneficial solution forthwith. Above all these, Duranay aims to build a better future for its clients, employees and society through its services.

Our Values
Our People

Duranay strives to build a better future for its clients and believes that this can only be possible with its own strong and healthy people who are supported in every sense. Therefore, Duranay aims to build a better future for both its people and its clients.

Our Network

Duranay acts with an approach towards global strategies that is aware of geographical borders, can see beyond borders and the relationships between them, and does not ignore decentralised economies and mechanisms. In line with this perspective, it has a wide and diverse network that can reach anywhere in the world and can coordinate any issue flawlessly.

Sustainable Business Model

Believing in the importance of a sustainable future, Duranay supports all stakeholders of the value chain, of which it is a part, in compliance with social, environmental and governance principles and also provides voluntary services in this regard. It also applies the same principles to its business model.